Earth Quiz Answers

1.It's the Arc de Triomph in Paris no 1 2. This is Downing Street. Tony lives in one of the houses (at the time of writing) and Gordon is his neighbour from hell. no 2
3. Edwards Hall Infants School. I'm not sure, but I think the class room on the left edge of the photo is class 6 where I started my illustrious educational career. Have a point for "Jeremy's first school". no 3 4. Mount Etna in Sicily. In June we moored our boat in its shadow no 4
5. The North runway of Heathrow airport. The three aeroplanes are all really the same one. no 5
6. Award yourself a point only if you got both HMS Victory and the Mary Rose, which is in the white building. no 6 7. SS Great Britain, -5 points if you said "Cutty Sark" no 7
8. Bletchley Park, home of the Government Code and Cipher Scool in World War 2. no 8 9. After the war GC&CS was moved to Cheltenham and renamed GCHQ. The blury white round thing is their new building. no 9
10.The Suez Canal on its side. no 10

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