Geocaching Equipment

This page describes the items of equipment I have found useful for geocaching. Hopefully, new geocachers will find this page useful. If anybody has any suggestions or recommendations, send them to me:

eTrex Summit

GPS Receiver: I use a Garmin eTrex Vista. This has the useful feature of a built in magnetic compass which allows you to get a bearing on a waypoint even if you are standing still. It also has 24 Mbytes of memory for storing street maps which is very useful. However, it's a little expensive compared to the normal eTrex and requires you to purchase Garmin's Mapsource software to make the best use of it.

The picture is actually an eTrex Summit which is similar to a Vista but without any mapping capability.

laptop computer

Computer: obviously, you need to access the Internet to get to the geocaching web page. I also run Microsoft Autoroute 2002 to plot waypoints and plan routes, EasyGPS to download waypoints to my GPS receiver and Mapsource to download routes and maps to my GPS receiver.

This picture is a Dell CSx laptop which I nol longer use. In fact I have more or less given up taking a computer caching with me altogether; it's easier to print out the web pages for caches you intend to visit.

OS Landranger map

Ordnance Survey Landranger maps: Unfortunately Autoroute and the maps currently available for the eTrex Vista are designed for use in cars. This means that often the best approach to a cache on foot is obscure. I use the 1:50,000 maps as a good compromise between large scale and not having to buy too many maps.

With an OS map and a GPS unit, it is really easy to find out where you are, but don't forget that Ordnance Survey maps are based on the OS GB36 datum, so set your receiver accordingly, or you'll find your position is wrong by about 100 metres.

Hiking boot

Hiking boots: This is one of a pair of hiking boots I bought a few years ago in California. A good pair of boots is essential and it is important that they are waterproof - which is why this one had to retire in January 2002.


Car: Some people like to combine the search for a geocache with a pleasant walk in the countryside. For me, geocaching is the object and walks are there only because it's often illegal to drive right up to the cache. I find the internal combustion engine an undispensible aid for getting me as close as possible to the cache in the shortest possible time.

This example is an Audi A3 1.8T Quattro sport and it's mine.

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