Jeremy P's Web design tools

OK, my web pages are not very complex entities, being as they are mostly an electronic photo album. For this reason I tend to use a number of very simple tools to generate them. The main thing is that most of them are free or at least very cheap. This page is a basically a list of credits.

All packages on this page are free unless otherwise specified.

There was only one original HTML page which I generated back in the mists of time with Netscape composer or possibly Frontpage Express, I've forgotten which. Anyway, all the pages on my site were generated by copying the original "proto-page" and editing the HTML direct with one of my two favourite text editors. These are:-

Most of the pictures on my site were either taken by me with a digital camera or stolen from other web sites. Actually there is only one stolen image - the vi logo on the home page. The photographs are manipulated using one of several photographic packages depending on which computer I am on at the time.

Some of the other tools I use are listed below. I have also included operating systems, I try to be OS agnostic. Most of the ones I use currently are pretty good in many ways.

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