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Raiders of the Lost Ark - Head Piece 2
by jeremyp & el10t

N 51° 99.999 W 000° 99.999 (WGS-84)
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Country: United Kingdom [country map]
Hidden on: 1/1/2002
Use Waypoint: GC171 (what's this?)
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Difficulty: **Terrain: **

The Raiders of the Lost Ark caches are based on the film of the same name. In order to solve this series of caches, an understanding of the plot of the film is an advantage.

According to the Bible, the Ark of the Covenant is God's throne on Earth. It took the form of a small box made of acacia wood overlaid with gold. Two cherubim were attached to the lid and God dwelt between them in unapproachable light. The Ark of the Covenant was an awesome talisman with unimaginable powers that could strike men dead.

An alternative theory holds that it is a medium sized clear plastic box with a blue resealable lid.

The Ark contains the two stone tablets on which were inscribed the Jewish law or "Ten Commandments", the Staff of Aaron that budded and the Golden Pot of Manna.

The Ark was made in the Sinai desert during the Israelites' exile in the wilderness and carried around everywhere with them even into battle. It eventually came to rest in the Holy of Holies in Solomon's temple in Jerusalem. However it mysteriously disappeared during the sixth century BC when Jerusalem was overrun by the Babylonians and has been the object of many searches since.

New evidence has come to light that the Ark is located in Tanis in Egypt in a place called the Well of Souls. The Well of Souls can be found with the Staff of Ra and the Map Room in Tanis. The Staff of Ra consists of a wooden pole and a head piece. The head piece is placed on the end of the pole and located in a certain spot on the floor of the map room at a certain time of day. The sun will shine through the head piece and mark a spot on the floor which represents the location of the Well of Souls.

Can you reassemble the Staff of Ra and use the Map Room to locate the Ark before the men in leather trench coats and comedy German accents?

This cache is one of the locations for finding the head piece of the Staff of Ra. The cache contains instructions which will help you reassemble the Staff. To help you, you'll find that the Map Room cache contains all the materials you'll need for reassembly. Caches in the series are:

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 March 9 by timnerla (2 found)
Tim and Erla went here on a very cold blustery afternoon and found it straight away! It was our first cache and we were both very pleased to find it so quickly.

We're now deciding what to leave in our future caches.

 March 3 by TrevorAdams (1 found)
Found it -just 10 minutes after previous person (he was wearing a rather attractive red coat). This was my first find (but it won't be my last)

 March 3 by jeremyp (44 found)
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Cacher's web site
An amusing cache. After I found the cache, I decided to wander up to the monument at the end of the hill. I passed a couple going the other way with an eTrex and a map and thought they must be cachers so after my visit to the monument I went back the same way and watched them find the cache from a safe distance. It was quite funny watching them read the log book and then check their watches to see how much they missed me by. Then they looked up, saw me and waved.

After that I had to rush home to make sure I got my log in first :-)
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 February 28 by DanWilson (4 found)
Must also say that I took the frost protector and left a tennis ball, a plastic power ranger and a packet of hear'say cards in its place. Also signed the log book and will be revisiting this cache very soon im sure.

 February 27 by BenDavid (3 found)
Cacher's web site
SPLENDID! Today after several weeks of lunchbreak hunting and walking around in the cold, the dark, the sleet and the snow we stumbled across our favoured GEOCACHE! such a great place to hide it, and some extremly splendid views I saw from the binoculars-The pictures of me and my sidekick Dan can be seen below, I left the perfect gift for anyone an A1 CD, I thank Neil and his dog for leaving the Tigger toy for me, that was much appreciatied, the book was signed by myself, A througherly enjoyable GeoCache hunt-Next stop either the Pit or InterMissendens-Maybe Thar Shes Blows by our graceful masher I dont know We shall decide-Watch this space though people me and my sidekick Daniel are currently in the process of making a new cache in Aylesbury which will be housing a Travel Bug, It should be up and running by March the 10th.Thankyou all.SPELNDID.Piddi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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