Earth Quiz Answers

1. Spaghetti Junction, the interchange between the M6 and some other road. no 1 2. Arsenal's Emirates Stadium has been built in the triangle of the railway lines since the photo was taken. The existing stadium is Highbury. no 2
3. Abbey Road Studios. The zevra crossing is the one on the front of Abbey Road by The Beatles. no 3 4. Mount Rushmore. I understand they are in the process of adding Martin Sheen. no 4
5. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. no 5
6. Alcatraz Island. The white dot top left is Clint Eastwood escaping. no 6 7. Cutty Sark, -5 points if you said SS Great Britain no 7
8. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. I'm sure it really isn'ty leaning that far. no 8 9. The Taj Mahal - the real one. no 9
10.The Millennium Bridge. no 10

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