Earth Quiz No 2

This is just a bit of fun really. I had the idea when browsing Google Earth recently. Look at the pictures and try to guess where they are. One or two of them relate to me personnally so you might need to make some educated guesses. The answers are here. All pictures are oriented with North at the top unless stated in the description.

1.An easy one to start no 1 2. Google is not always up to date. I'm not looking for the name of the football stadium in the top right, but the one that has yet to be built in the fork of the railway tracks. no 2
3. This would be realy hard if I didn't mention that the zebra crossing is the most famous pedestrian crossing in the World. no 3 4. It's only a mountain but there is some sort of view point to look at it. no 4
5. This bridge runs more or less North South. Although I've not been across it, I have been under it on a boat. no 5
6.This island is not far from the bridge in number 5 no 6 7.Another tall ship no 7
8. The satellite is not looking directly down at this tower, or is it? no 8 9.Not a restaurant no 9
10. This bridge also runs more or less North South. I have been across this one and was interviewed by a TV reporter because I made it safely. no 10

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