Geocaching is a sport where some people hide caches and publish their longitude and latitude on the Internet. Other people then try to find the caches with the aid of a GPS receiver.

A useful resource for geocachers is here:

The UK geocachers page and my test page for the scraping software (developers only).

On 21st July I completed 100 caches. Thanks to all the geocachers whose caches I have found.

The Winchester Virtual Cache Hunt.

My geocaching equipment page.

My cache costruction page.

Some photos from some of the caches I have found

Queens Oak was the first cache Luke and I found. There is a pub nearby for lunch. Luke and me

The Cluedo caches are a set of seven caches based on the board game:

Cluedo cache 1 is tricky to get to. This is my car parked in the nearest layby.

Cluedo cache 4 involves a nice walk by the Basingstoke canal. Luke writes in the log and so do I

Cluedo cache 5 This is a photo of a nearby sign. The white box at the bottom is the cache. Obviously, this is not its normal hiding place.

The only time I met any other cachers (apart from Luke and El10t) was doing the Ely Experience. Here's a photo of them.

Luke and me at London's first cache.

Caching with El10t at Without a paddle

My cache log


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