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Trigpoint Feature and Bug List

New Features and Bugs

Suggestions for new features and bug reports should be mailed to: tp-feature@jeremyp.net

CR No. Description Date Raised Who raised
4 Upload photographs 21/9/2002 jeremyp
26 Be able to edit or delete log entries 17/10/2002 jeremyp
26.1 Be able to edit log entries on trigpoint page 26/10/2002 jeremyp
26.3 Be able to edit log entries on user home 26/10/2002 jeremyp
42 Top 10 trigpoints link 29/10/2002 Luke
43 Be able to specify found/not found on the search page 29/10/2002 Luke
45 Have a log location field 29/10/2002 Dave Schofield
46 Restriction on the environment test page 29/10/2002 jeremyp
49 Trigpoint list should show the number of visits 29/10/2002 jeremyp
50 Links off to Streetmap 29/10/2002 Chris n Maria
56 Be able to limit number of logs on user home page and trigpoint page. 4/11/2002 jeremyp
60 Search for a specific trigpoint by its number 10/11/2002 jeremyp
61 Be able to bookmark trigpoints 10/11/2002 jeremyp
63 Last found date on list-trigpoint page. 10/11/2002 jeremyp
66 Try out some bg styles for tables. 18/11/2002 jeremyp
71 Have a list of users. 13/1/2003 jeremyp

Implemented Features and Bugs

Items in this table have been implemented and are ready to be deployed to the live system.

CR No. Description Date Raised Who raised Date Implemented Who implemented


Patch CR Files Revision
0.7-1 70 index.php 1.9
0.7-2 72 index.php 1.10

Completed Features and Bugs

Release: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8

Deferred Features and Bugs

I'm not planning to do anything about these in the foreseeable future, if ever.

CR No. Description Date Raised Who raised
20 Don't bother with document type definition in header 17/10/2002 jeremyp
31 Standard flat style for horizontal rules 20/10/2002 jeremyp

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Trigpoint data supplied by Chris n Maria.

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